Plastering Services


Plastering services are another reason to choose S & D Building Services Pty Ltd to run renovation and remedial work in your area. Most importantly, our experienced team offers variety of plastering services such as:

  • Repairing water damaged plasterboard – water damaged plasterboard is one of the most common problems that our clients have faced so far. As the problem itself raises from a major roof leaking process or long-lasting exposure to the humidity as a result of which water can seriously damage the plasterboard.  Sometimes, our clients complain about other types of water damaged plasterboards such as subtle discoloration or streaking stains on the paint. 
  • Subtle discoloration can be usually found around the window frames or any other areas that is related with water access.
  • Moreover, stains on paint commonly form from the plasterworks done under the window or cross section between wall and ceiling. Such stains are the result of drip leaking from plumbing.
  • Cornice installation – cornice is designed to cover the junction within the ceiling and walls and it usually adds a decorative character to your unit and we are offering variety of cornice installation may it be either for residential or commercial offices or units.
  • Plasterboard gyprock installation – what to change the view of the room? It is no longer a problem! As our dedicated team members are able to assist you with that! Because we are not only able to install the cornice but also install the plasterboard gyprock and such installation will completely change the view of the room.