Exterior and interior painting

The service covers painting flashing on the roof, parapets, fascia and all other relevant external areas. Moreover, in terms of interior painting, the company offers painting doors, timber windows, staircases, railings, soffits and all regarded internal areas.


When applied to the construction or renovation of buildings, refers to the application of cement to external and/or internal brick or concrete walls in order to achieve a smooth or deliberately textured surface. Also called cement rendering or solid plastering, rendering work (no matter the size of area) is usually carried out by qualified plasterers of our company


Concrete spalling

Occurs when water ingress causes concrete cancer, a process in which the reinforcing steel inside of the concrete, comes in contact with moisture or Carbon Dioxide, slowly corroding and expanding. The expansion puts unintended pressure on the concrete from inside the slab, eventually causing it to crack and break away. This can serve as a risk to the unsuspecting public passing below.

Unsealed and Failing joints

High rise joint sealing ensures all of the joints in a concrete pavement are sealed to prevent water or non-compressible matter from infiltrating. Unsealed concrete joints are at risk of water entering joints which can dramatically shorten the durability of concrete, allowing it to soften and become unstable while, non-compressible matter fill up joints and shift stress to pain points in the slab, potentially leading to cracking.



Plastering services are another reason to choose S & D Building Services Pty Ltd to run renovation and remedial work in your area. Most importantly, our experienced team offers variety of plastering services such as:

  • Repairing water damaged plasterboard – water damaged plasterboard is one of the most common problems that our clients have faced so far. As the problem itself raises from a major roof leaking process or long-lasting exposure to the humidity as a result of which water can seriously damage the plasterboard. Sometimes, our clients complain about other types of water damaged plasterboards such as subtle discoloration or streaking stains on the paint.

A little extra

Additional external jobs such as installing gutters, downpipes, metal trim on parapets, corners on the ceilings, installing gyprocks and preparing them for painting, Flashing with warrantee and high quality of performance.